Fighting Acne - Using Toners And Medications.

The second step in your treatment regimen is the toners or medication. However, you really need some idea of how sensitive your skin is. You may well want something that is as smooth as rose water, or something as stern as benzoyl peroxide. However, if you're not sure, then begin with the softest option and work your way up, until you find an effective treatment. You can also see you're dermatologist who will be more than happy to help you.

There's a comprehensive choice of toners and medications available for every skin type. You'll find that toners are usually used for caring for your skin after your acne therapy as cleared up the blemishes you had. The medication works to rid you of you're pimples and also stop other spots from forming. However, if ace does persist, then you should continue with the medications before changing over to the toners.

When applying toners to your skin, after you've washed your face, then apply your toner with a soft cotton ball. Toners get to work on acne by restoring and balancing the skin's natural pH. Also, you'll find that the toners will help to clean up any remaining oil, dirt and soap excess. Finally, your toner will seal up the top of the pore and help to restore it to its original size. The main ingredients in any toner that is used as an acne remedy are rose water, witch hazel and also alcohol.

There also happens to be numerous kinds of medications available for you. Normally, you'll learn that there are four main ingredients involved in a great many of the medications available to us. Some of the brands will mix them, while others will be based on a single ingredient. One of the most common treatments available is Benzoyl Peroxide; the optimum concentration obtainable is at 2.5%, anything over that will only burn your face. Peroxide functions by moving into your open pores and making oxygen; the bubbling this produces helps destroy the bacteria that's to blame for your acne. Salicylic acid penetrates your skin and softens your spots; it will also slow down cell shedding. Sulfur as been used to treat acne for hundreds of years. It will dry your skin and also break down your blackheads. But it can discolor your skin, irritate you, it smells and it may lead to further acne appearing because it will intensify cell shedding. Resorcinol also penetrates your skin and softens the hard areas that usually pimple, however, this also may lead to irritation and isn't a reliable treatment.

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