Aphrodisiac herbs - Catuaba and Clavo huasca


Peruvian and Brazilian herbs have a long-standing tradition, being known worldwide for their beneficial effects and multiple uses. Their introduction on the online virtual market made them even more popular and people from various corners of the world started to purchase them. They have powerful properties and can really improve one's quality of life.

Herbal aphrodisiacs have become increasingly popular since their online promotion by specialized companies. Indigenous people have been using them for years and only recently have they become known worlwide. Amongst them one of the most powerful is represented by Catuaba or Erythroxylum Catuaba by its original name.

Catuaba has great potency and effect, the main parts used being the bark and the root. It is famous for libido enhancement, sexual arousal and calming effects. Used as infusion or tincture, this amazing plant can also reduce anxiety and act as a pain reliever. Recent studies have shown that it can dilate blood vessels and act as a helper of the immune system, by destroying various microorganisms attacking the body.

Herbal medicine has always regarded Catuaba as having intense aphrodisiacal properties and not only. The products that are available online can stimulate the nervous system, help with nerve pain and act as a tonic for the genitalia. With such medicinal plants, problems like impotence, frigidity or agitation will surely dissappear and the person taking them with definitely feel a lot better.

The chemical substances contained by Catuaba are mostly represented by alkaloids, aromatic oils and flavonoids. They work together in perfect synergy enhancing sexual desire, alleviating various symptoms of nervous conditions and even improving the memory. It act as a stimulus for the body in general and some studies on lab rats have even shown that it can inhibit HIV. However, this effect hasn't been proven yet on humans and clinical trials are still being conducted.

The calming effects combined with anti-anxiety properties have made Catuaba extremely popular and many people also suffering from insomnia or general stress have turned to it. The Internet provided them with a lot of choices and up to this day discoveries on recommended uses are still being made. Several suggestions include: fatigueness, cardiotonic, vasorelaxant and even skin cancer.

The most beneficial effects of Catuaba are related to the increase of libido in males. The sexual desire is revived and they are able to perform at their maximum capacity. The effects are mainly due to the alkaloids that act as an aphrodisiac by mainly stimulating the nervous system. It not only enhances the erectile function but also provides the body with strength and vigor.

Another popular aphrodisiac, especially for women, is represented by Clavo huasca. This is one of the most used ingredients in herbal formulas and the part used are the leaves, roots and vascular plant wood. Its herbal properties increase libido, intensifying the orgasms and even sharpening the body's senses, particular the touch. Clavo huasca tinctures are used against impotence and frigidness; the sexual unresponsiveness is eliminated and the sex life returns to normal.

Aside from the aphrodisiacal effect, positive for both men and women, Clavo huasca is also used to treat various types of pain (muscular, arthritic and especially toothache). It has various beneficial effects upon the digestive system, including the stimulation of appetite and ejection of intestinal gas. There have been made some studies, showing the Clavo huasca can also help to overcome a common problem of the modern times, meaning heartburns or indigestion.

Clavo huasca is rich in active and beneficial ingredients. It can helps various systems of the organism and enhance sexual drive. The body's balance is equilibrated as it acts as a powerful tonic, with many, excellent properties. It has diverse recommended uses and one can learn all about them by using the Internet and its specialized resources.

Come to use and learn all about aphrodisiac herbs, such as Catuaba or Clavo huasca! We have diverse products in store for you, just waiting to be discovered and purchased. Use them and you will definitely see and understand the benefits of traditional herbal medicine.

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